Emergent patterns in nature and society

Ecosystem Services: ‘Pollination crisis’ via BBC News

Pollination is another case of ecosystem service where our understanding of its dynamics is poor, but the changes underlying its dynamics are apparently happen fast. Recently BBC News dedicated an article to the pollination crisis in India, a country which produces 7.5 million tonnes of vegetables that account for 14% of the global production. This figure accounts for the 20% of India’s GDP in contrast to 6% average in other countries. Mark Kinver reports that India potentially is facing a decline in natural pollinators given its agricultural practices. He adds:

Globally, pollination is estimated to be worth £141bn ($224bn) each year […] The UN Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) estimates that of the slightly more than 100 crop species that provide 90% of food supplies for 146 countries, 71 are bee-pollinated, primarily by wild bees, and a number of others are pollinated by other insects.

The misused of pesticides, habitat loss and fragmentation, and spread of parasites and diseases has been suggested causes of the loss of pollination service.

BBC News – ‘Pollination crisis’ hitting India’s vegetable farmers.


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