Emergent patterns in nature and society

Reefs at Risk Revisited

The World Resource Institute just released their report Reefs at Risk Revisited. Nature News highlights:

About 75% of the world’s coral reefs are threatened by local and global human activities, according to the report. The percent of threatened reefs increased by almost *one-third from 1997 to 2007, likely because of increased pressure from growing coastal populations. Southeast Asia’s reefs are among the most threatened (map, yellow and red dots) as overfishing, including fishing with illegal poison and explosives, have put 95% of its reefs at risk. In contrast, Australia’s reefs are among those at low risk (blue dots) thanks to the designation of reefs as Marine Protected Areas and comparatively smaller human coastal populations.


The report highlights a new facet of the problem – the socioeconomic impacts of failing reefs. Coral reefs provide food, tourist attractions, and coastline protection for more than 275 million people worldwide. Some countries will have a hard time adapting to failing reefs, including poorer countries and those that have had recent conflict

WRI also offers a KML file to better visualize their results on Google Earth, you can find it here.

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