Emergent patterns in nature and society

Inspiration for EAT Stockholm Forum

I’ll be participating on the EAT Stockholm Food Forum as rapporteur for a session where business leaders, politicians and academics will meet to discuss how to address the challenge of sustainability and food production from a business perspective. They are often frame as the bad guys, big corporations that… blah blah… you know how it goes. But they are also key players on framing and making real whatever is your favourite vision of a transformation towards sustainability. As part of the process I’m putting together the background document about the problem, the challenges and opportunities that they will discuss.

This post is to share two sources of inspiration that cheer me up on the moments when I get frustrated with the readings. The first is the special issue of National Geographic, where Jonathan Foley outlines some of the key facts and potential solutions we face when talking about food globally: Where will we find enough food for 9 billion?. The second is the video below which nicely capture what to me (just another point of view) represents a major and often forgotten issue of food waste. You can also revisit the famous TED talk by Tristram Stuart on the same lines.

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