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Dust bowl: symptoms of desertification

The dust bowl was a critical problem in the 1930’s US where large clouds of dust formed over the great plains, accelerating erosion and diminishing agricultural production. Scientist believe it could repeat again with higher likelihood of droughts brought by climate change, and expansion of crops over areas where the soils are already vulnerable. A really nice overview of recent literature is summarised in this Science note.


Desertification in Inner Mongolia, China – in pictures

The Guardian publish some days ago a set of pictures documenting the efforts of NGO’s and local communities to fight desertification in Mongolia. They wrote:

Inner Mongolia, China’s third largest province, is battling severe desertification. Over-grazing, logging, expanding farms and population pressure, as well as droughts, have turned once fertile grasslands into sandy plains. As part of China’s efforts to stop the land degradation, NGOs have been helping with reforestation

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Desertification in China: Inner Mongolia is fighting severe desertification